BWF Shuttle API

The most comprehensive and detailed source to view and download top badminton player ranking data given by the BWF(Badminton World Federation)*.

*While BWF Shuttle API does provide ranking data from BWF's rankings, we are not affiliated or associated with the BWF organization in any way.


BWF Shuttle API is a Flask Web Application utilizing Python libraries BeautifulSoup and Pandas to scrape badminton ranking data from BWF's Tournament Software website.
CSV and JSON files can be downloaded directly, and JSON metadata can be acquired through API calls.

API Call Formats

Fill in the { } from the options below for the data you wish to get.
For months and days, include the 0 at the start if it's a single digit.
(i.e. March 9th, 2017 = 2017/03/09)

Top 25 Players for {category} from Latest Rankings{category}

Top {rows} Player(s) for {category} from Latest Rankings{category}/{rows}

Top {rows} Player(s) for {category} from {year}, Week {week}{category}/{year}/{week}/{rows}

Top {rows} Player(s) for {category} from {year}/{month}/{day}{category}/{year}/{month}/{day}/{rows}


As of this moment, no up-to-date official database for badminton players is publicly available for download. BWF Shuttle API acts as an alternative source for anyone wishing to view or download BWF ranking data.